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Limited Synchronization Booking
Limited Synchronization Booking
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There are currently two types of synchronization with Booking, one limited and the other one complete. In the netx months we are going to carry out a migration so that all accommodations are fully connected to this portal.

If you're interested, you can ask us to switch to full sync at any time. We will only have to carry out some checks on your configuration together with you and then we will proceed to activate the complete synchronization. Remember that once done, it will not be possible in any case to return to the previous version.

If you see your sync as follows without the "Full sync" icon, you are still in limited sync with this portal.

You can consult the following FAQs that will help you configure your synchronization with this portal:

How do I start the synchronization of my accommodations with

What information is and is not synced with

How do I manage my calendar for

How do I create and manage my rates and cancellation policies?

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