Since your accommodation is synchronised with, you can manage reservation charges easily from AvaiBook. You will have to configure it in two simple steps:


In a very easy way, schedule your charges for the time you want us to make collect the charges on all your reservations. To start configuring them, go to the Accounting -> BDP menu. Click the Settings button in the top right corner. Select the accommodation in which you want to configure the charges for the portal. You will see a configuration line for, click the pencil-shaped Edit button.

You can configure your advance, rest and even other additional charges such as cleaning fee, deposit, etc.

Start by setting up your advance or creating a new rule.

Choose the type of operation (collection or pre-authorisation) (1), the time(2) you want the charge to be made automatically. the amount (3) you want to collect (in euros, percentage or number of nights), the concept (4) and then click on the button create rule (5)

Remember that in order for these charging rules to apply, it is necessary for Booking to send us the details of the cards of your bookings. This is only possible if you have deactivated payments through Booking.


The second step of the configuration will be done from your user account in the Administration menu.

Select the option Payments by (it can also be called Receive payment) and scroll down to the bottom of the page. You will see the following text:

Just click and answer the question you are asked:

Booking will process your request and disconnect the payments. Wait about 30 minutes and check that everything is correct, following this steps:

  • Make sure that Booking does not charge for you: You can check this information in your Booking account in the Administration menu of each of the accommodations.

  • Always ask for your card details: You must make sure that Booking always asks the traveller for the card. How can you know? Go to your Booking account, in each accommodation, and go to the menu Establishments --> Conditions:

About halfway down the page will be the Customer Payment Options section.

Click on the edit button to be able to configure the cards you want to receive:

With our platform you can manage AMEX, Visa, MasterCard, Red 6000 and Maestro and Union pay

To finish you only have to Save.

**You have to keep in mind that Booking applies different validation protocols for each ad. If your listing is new and you haven't had a certain number of reservations, it may not allow you to charge advance payments and/or request card details from travelers.

We suggest you that when you activate charges with AvaiBook, you review the following reservations to confirm that Booking has correctly sent us the card details. Otherwise, contact Booking to inform them that you manage your charges through AvaiBook.

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