It is possible that is currently managing the charge of your reservations. Do you already know the advantages of charging with AvaiBook?

You can make the change in the charge management from your user account in the Administration menu.

⚠️ First of all, we want to point out that the best way to make this change in Booking is to follow the procedure indicated in the Booking help center. AvaiBook shows you a procedure that is subject to change within the Booking platform. It is the currently procedure, but it is possible that Booking makes changes within its platform and we do not know it.

For this reason, we always recommend following Booking's own guidelines regarding procedures carried out on the Booking platform.

Select the option Payments through, it can also be called Receive payment, and scroll down to the bottom of the page. You will see the following text:

You just have to click and answer the question they ask you:

Booking will process your request and disconnect payments. Wait about 30 minutes and check that everything is correct, following the steps detailed below:

  • Make sure that Booking does not charge for you: even if you have carried out the deactivation procedure, make sure that Booking has completed the change. You can check this information in your Booking account in the Administration menu of each of the accommodations.

  • Always ask for the Card details: you must make sure that Booking always asks the traveler for the card. Enter your Booking account, for each accommodation, and go to the menu Establishments > Conditions:

In the middle of the page you will find the Customer Payment Options section:

Click on the edit button to be able to configure the cards you want to receive:

With our platform you can manage AMEX, Visa, MasterCard, Red 6000 and Maestro and Union pay

To finish you will only have to Save.

**Remember that Booking applies different validation protocols for each ad. If your listing is new and you haven't had a certain number of reservations, it may not allow you to charge advance payments and/or request card details from travelers.

We suggest that when you activate charges with AvaiBook, you review the following reservations to confirm that Booking has correctly sent us the card details. Otherwise, contact Booking to inform them that you manage your charges through AvaiBook.

Do not forget once you have deactivated payments through Booking, configure the collection rules in AvaiBook, in the specific section of the Booking configuration.

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