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What information is synchronized and what is not with (Full Content Version)
What information is synchronized and what is not with (Full Content Version)

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Rate synchronization:

  • Rates are synchronized (seasons and default rate) for the base capacity you have set up in AvaiBook.

  • Minimum stay, check-in and/or check-out day and force whole weekend restrictions are synchronized.

  • Maximum number of days you can book in advance is synchronized.

  • Minimum number of days you can book in advance is synchronized.

  • Accommodation occupancy is synchronized.

  • Synchronize the prices for additional guests in default rates and also in seasons.

  • The extra cleaning fee is synchronized. Other extras cannot be synchronized or created directly in the portal.

  • We synchronize the owner's contact information, accommodation data such as name, address, coordinates, tourist license, etc.; languages spoken in the property, square meters of the room. Remember that location (coordinates) and tourist license are mandatory for this synchronization.

  • Tourist tax, VAT and deposit are synchronized as informative fields that we send to the portal.

  • The set up of the guests' ages is sent to Booking (that you configure inside the accommodation sheet). If you define the age of babies, children and adults will appear in Booking searches, when filtered by this feature. Currently no price difference will be sent. Babies will not be charged and children will be charged as adults.

  • The cards that AvaiBook supports to make collections are sent to Booking as accepted cards: Visa, MasterCard, Maestro, Diners Club, American Express, VCC, Red 6000 and UnionPay.

  • It is possible to create customized payment rules according to your hosting model. Automatic management of the cancellation policy through AvaiBook is mandatory.

  • It is NOT possible to synchronize offers. They must be created directly in the portal.


  • Your accommodation content with is synchronized: photos, amenities, bed distribution, cancellation policies and house rules. Everything from the AvaiBook Content Manager.

  • Descriptions are not synchronized because they are automatically created by Booking in the listing, based on the amenities you have configured in AvaiBook.

  • The tags you add in the photos of the Content Manager.

  • Covid Protocols that you have added in the content manager are synchronized in AvaiBook.

The information contained in AvaiBook will be taken as priority in You will be able to configure increments or decrements on your prices for this portal.

Try to keep rates and availability updated for at least the next 12 months.

Synchronization of availability and reservations:

  • AvaiBook's calendar is synchronized with's calendar. Remember that gives priority to the AvaiBook calendar. It is essential that you keep the calendar updated in AvaiBook.

  • bookings will be automatically registered in AvaiBook.

  • Complete traveler data (name, email, remarks, etc.) is recorded.

  • The number of children and their ages included in the booking are recorded.

  • Card details is registered and also validated (as long as you have configured the card payment method in Remember that the cards remain active until 7 days after departure, as long as Booking sends us the credit cards of the reservations.

  • Cancellations are registered.

  • Changes in dates and in card details are automatically registered.

  • Room or accommodation changes are NOT registered. AvaiBook will notify you that there has been a change in the reservation that could not be processed.

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