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How do I start the synchronization of my accommodations with (Full Content Version)
How do I start the synchronization of my accommodations with (Full Content Version)

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AvaiBook has full XML synchronization with Booking, so you can not only create new listings on Booking, but also connect with your existing listings. In this way you will not lose opinions, positioning..., and in essence the time and effort of your work with this portal.


It is essential that both your rates, calendar and content manager are perfectly updated in AvaiBook before starting the connection.

You can update your calendar in AvaiBook manually or by importing the blocks of your reservations through an iCal connection (if the platform to connect has this option). In the latter case we recommend that you do a review of the imported locks. will give priority to the information you have in AvaiBook.

Step 1: Request the connection from

1- From the top right corner click on the (1) "Account" icon and choose (2) "Connectivity Provider" from the dropdown menu, and select (3) Search:

If you are already connected to a channel manager, click "Change channel manager" (or "Change connectivity provider") to switch providers.

Then (1) type AvaiBook to select it, (2) check the "I have read and agree to the XML Service Addendum Terms and Conditions" box, and select (3) connect:

On this last screen, Booking will show you the status of the request: "waiting for confirmation from the provider":

Once the synchronization has been requested from the portal and confirmed by AvaiBook, you will have to continue with the process from AvaiBook, you can do it in a very simple and autonomous way.

Step 2: Start the synchronization from AvaiBook:

Remember that before synchronizing, you must leave your calendar open in Booking so that the process is completed correctly.

  • Start the process from the Channel Manager, in the upper right corner click on create synchronization.

  • Select the portal, in this case Booking (1), and the accommodation (2) that you want to link. You must check the acceptance of the conditions of use and clarifications about the synchronization (3) and finally select: Connect with (4)

  • In the next step you can choose if you want to connect with an existing advertisement (1) or if you want to create a new advertisement in the portal (2).

*Important clarification: You can connect a single AvaiBook accommodation code with a single hotel ID --> if you do not currently have it configured this way, you must first separate your ads on

  • To continue the synchronization process with Booking, select the corresponding option through the following links::

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