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Full synchronization with
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There are currently two types of synchronization with Booking, one limited and the other one complete.

If you see your synchronization as follows with the "Full sync" icon, you are already enjoying full synchronization.

You can consult the following Faqs that will help you to configure your synchronization with this portal:

How do I start the synchronisation of my accommodations with (Full Content Version)

How do I create a new Booking ad from AvaiBook? (Full Content Version)

How do I synchronise an AvaiBook accommodation with an existing Booking ad? (Full Content Version) (Partial Accomodation)

Which information is synchronised and which is not with (Full Content Version)

How do I manage my calendar for (Full Content Version)

How do I create and manage my rates and cancellation policies? (Full Content Version)

What is it and how do I get my Legal Entity ID?

You can consult our entire knowledge base sorted by collection, and see all that our plans can offer you.

We also invite you to visit our blog and youtube channel where you will find Webinars and news with general content about the sector.

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