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How do I act if a reservation is cancelled?
How do I act if a reservation is cancelled?

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When a reservation is cancelled, AvaiBook will automatically release your calendar and your accommodation will be put up for sale on the linked portals.

For your part, you only need to review the charges you have made in AvaiBook and evaluate your cancellation policy.

  • If, according to your policy, the traveler is not entitled to a refund, no action will be necessary on your part.

  • If it is appropriate to make a refund to the traveler, you can make the refund of the corresponding amount.

Our agents review and evaluate canceled reservations, so if you forget to make a refund, we'll let you know so you will always be updated. Even so, we recommend that you keep track on your own. Remember that you can automatize the management of refund by configuring the cancellation policy for Booking within AvaiBook.

If you had reservations prior to the synchronization and to update the calendar you had made blocks in the AvaiBook calendar, remember that if you have a cancellation in the portal you will have to eliminate the corresponding block in AvaiBook.

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