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How does it work and how is the synchronization with HomeToGo created?
How does it work and how is the synchronization with HomeToGo created?
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AvaiBook is a HomeToGo Preferred Partner!

HomeToGo only allows advertising through a Certified Channel Manager, such as AvaiBook, so you will be able to enjoy this new affiliate channel.

Connecting with HomeToGo will only take 2 minutes, be sure to complete the registration form that we provide and follow the steps to complete the extra information that this connection required.

In this video we explain how to connect with HomeToGo:

How do I connect?


It is essential that both your rates, calendar and content manager are perfectly updated in AvaiBook before starting the connection.

HomeToGo will give priority to the information you have in AvaiBook.

Keep in mind that your ad may take between 4 to 6 weeks to be published.

Start the process from the Channel Manager, in the upper right corner click on Create Synchronization.

Select the portal, in this case HomeToGo (1), and the accommodation you want to link (2). You must check the acceptance of the conditions of use and clarifications about the synchronization (3) and finally select: Connect with HomeToGo (4).

In order to move on to the next step of the connection, you must first meet a minimum content:

✔ Commercial name of your accommodation

✔ At least 20 characters in the commercial name of your accommodation. Numbers are not allowed, if they are detected they will be skipped.

✔ Accommodation address and confirm coordinates

✔ At least 10 images configured on hosting

✔ At least 10 features or services of your accommodation

✔ At least 700 characters in all descriptions of all languages

✔ At least 1 room (bedroom or living room type) and the type of bed.

✔ At least 1 bathroom in the accommodation

✔ Surface of your accommodation

✔ Configure the VAT of your accommodation

The first thing you will have to do is fill out the registration form that we provide you on this screen:

⚠️The form must be completed only the first time you connect your first accommodation with HomeToGo. ⚠️

But... Pay attention! ⚠️

During the registration step, select NO in managing payments with HomeToGo:

If you manage the payments of your reservations with AvaiBook you will have your reservations payment sooner. Remember that we will pay you the amount charged according to the cancellation policy that you have configured, without waiting for the day after check-in.

⚠️ Attention! ⚠️

If you want you can choose HomeToGo Payments, but we do not recommend it for these reasons:

  • You will have to sign an additional contract with Adyen, the company in charge of managing HomeToGo payments.

  • Complete the Adyen KYC, which will make the registration process slower and more complicated. Approximately 2 weeks.

  • Higher cost for your travelers. They will pay a service fee between 3% and 5%, that is to the cost of Adyen.

  • You will have less liquidity. You will receive the amount of your reservations 24 hours after check-in

  • You will not have a control panel to register and control the movements of your reservations and their collections, in AvaiBook you would.

  • You will not be able to program your collection rules automatically or make preauthorizations, and you will not be able to configure a specific collection rules for each accommodation, for example the deposit. In AvaiBook you can do it.

⚠️ Also remember: having created a synchronization with HomeToGo does not mean that your ad is created on the portal, until you have finished the process through the registration form.

Other information to highlight that they will ask you in the form:

  • The ID of one of your AvaiBook accommodations. You find it in Accommodations > My Accommodations > Search.

  • Some dates to be able to make a test reservation. Indicate a period of time that you have free in your calendar, for example: "November 1-15, 2022".

Once you have finished with the registration form, select "Go to configuration" to complete all the information in AvaiBook.

Synchronization operation and clarifications

  • Remember: having created a synchronization with HomeToGo does not mean that your ad is created on the portal until you have finished the process through the registration form. And then it takes about 2 weeks for HomeToGo to post your ad.

  • Make sure you have the minimum Content required for this synchronization

  • Rates, availability, content and reservations will be synchronized.

  • You will have a Rate Maintenance section, to configure an increase/decrease if you want HomeToGo rates to be higher/lower than AvaiBook rates. Remember that you only have to put the sum/price difference.

  • You will have a section to complete Price Maintenance for additional people. Please note that for HomeToGo this data is taken from this section of the synchronization and not from the accommodation file.

  • Check the Synchronization Settings such as Tourist License Number, Cancellation Policy, Reservation Mode and Geolocation:

  • Deposit: you must configure it in the file of your accommodation, consult this guide that we propose: How do I configure the deposit? To charge it, or better, pre-authorize it, you must add a rule on the HomeToGo synchronization page.

  • Extras: you must configure them in your accommodation file, it is necessary to mark them as mandatory to send them to HomeToGo. It is not necessary to configure an additional charge rule, they are included at 100% of the reservation.

  • Features: from the content manager.

  • Tourist tax: you must configure it in your accommodation file, in Reservation Options. You will have this box once you have started the connection with HomeToGo.

  • VAT: you must configure it in your accommodation file, in Reservation Options. We understand that the prices that you configure in the accommodation file are already with VAT included.

  • Offers cannot be synced.

  • It is necessary to attach a rental contract with basic conditions for your travelers. You have to collect the general rules of your rental, therefore it will be enough if you include information about check-in, cleaning, the deposit or the usual rules that you have in the accommodation.

  • You have a section where you can configure the rules for scheduled Payments. By default, we set a 50% down payment rule, scheduled on receipt of the reservation, and a 50% remainder rule, scheduled on check-in date. You can modify them at any time from here, always maintaining a minimum advance payment configured for the moment the reservation is received, if you have chosen payments through AvaiBook.

  • If you choose to manage the collections with AvaiBook (recommended option), the zero advance functionality is not compatible with this synchronization. To confirm the reservation we will always ask the traveler for the card and the configured advance will be automatically charged.

  • In this article, we explain how to manage a reservation cancellation.

  • If you have a Plan that foresees a reservation management commission of 1% + VAT, this commission is always maintained, both in confirmed reservations and in canceled reservations. For more information about our Plans without commission, you can contact 😉

  • You can work with reservation with immediate acceptance or on request, depending on what you have configured in AvaiBook. Remember: Reserve-On-Demand ads have 30% less conversion and less visibility, so this option may work against your own benefit.

As we have said before, we advise you to manage the payments of your reservations with AvaiBook to have the money before. (according to the cancellation policy you have configured)

And then select NO in managing payments with HomeToGo in the registration form.

This is so that you have more liquidity, since HomeToGo would send you the money the day after check-in, to speed up your start-up process, and so that you have more possibilities by being able to program automatic collection rules, pre-authorizations, and independent rules. for accommodation.

HomeToGo works with an external company in charge of handling payments (Adyen), so you would have to sign an additional contract with them, complete their KYC, and you would be charging a higher cost for your travelers.

All this will make the registration process slower and more tedious, approximately 2 weeks. It's easier and faster with our integrated payment solution that you're probably already using. 😉👍

What will also allow you to control everything from a section dedicated to collections and movements.

HomeToGo also has other brands!

Your advertisement on HomeToGo offers you the opportunity to have visibility on these channels as well.

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