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How does synchronization with Google work and how is it created?
How does synchronization with Google work and how is it created?

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AvaiBook is a Google Preferred Partner!

We have been certified to offer Google Hotels and Google Vacation Rentals services and we are among the few partners that can offer both services. Google only allows to advertise through a Certified Channel Manager, and thanks to work with AvaiBook you will be able to enjoy this new affiliated channel.

Connecting with Google will only take you 2 minutes, make sure you select correctly the type of your accommodation and follow the steps to complete the extra information required for this connection.

How do I connect?


Do you need to know your category of accomodation on Google? You can find it clicking here.

It is essential that your rates, calendar and content manager are perfectly updated in AvaiBook before starting the connection.

Google will give priority to the information you have in AvaiBook.

Please note that your listing may take 24 to 72 hours to be published.

If your accommodation is within the Google Hotels category, it will require a Google My Business listing.

  • Start the process from Channel Manager, in the top right corner click on create sync.

  • Select the portal, in this case Google, and the accommodation you want to link. You must check the checkbox to accept the terms of use and clarifications about the synchronization and finally select: Connect with Google.

  • Select the category of your accommodation among the proposed categories. You have a brief explanation of each category in case you have doubts, and you also have the complete explanation of the characteristics of each category in this link.

  • If you have a partial accommodation, in this step you will have to choose which units of your partial you want to connect to Google.
    If you have a complete accommodation, you will not have to complete this step, you will go directly to the next one.

If your accommodation is within the Google Hotels category, then it will require a Google My Business listing. If you already have one, Google will check and associate your accommodation data with your listing.
If you don't have one, you have to create it before proceeding with the synchronization.

On the other hand, if your accommodation is in the Google Vacation Rentals category, ignore this section.

  • In this last step, you will have to complete the settings specific to the synchronization:

Maintenance of Google rates

You can set up an increase or decrease of your rates configured on AvaiBook with respect to Google. By default the rates are increased by 5%, so the Google Affiliate commission is passed on to the traveler and is included in the final price of the stay.

Cancellation policy

This section will show the cancellation policy you have configured on AvaiBook. You will not be able to modify it from here. If you need to change it, you must do it from the accommodation sheet on AvaiBook.

Configuration of scheduled charges

The 100% of your Google bookings collection has to be managed through AvaiBook. By default, you will have configured a 50% down payment collection rule when you receive the reservation, and the other 50% of the balance on the check-in date, but you can modify it in this section if you wish, always keeping a total of 100%.

You will also be able to modify it once the synchronization is completed, remember that the modifications are not retroactive.

Synchronization operation and clarifications

  • Google will take the content, availability, rates, restrictions, and cancellation conditions you have on AvaiBook. Remember to check that your images and descriptions are with a good quality, you can also import content from an existing listing before connecting.

  • Rates, availability, content and reservations will be synchronized.

  • Extras associated with the accommodation will be synchronized.

  • 100% of the stay will always be charged through AvaiBook. In case of cancellation, the system will not automatically refund the amount charged to the traveler, it must always be done manually.

  • There is a Google Affiliate commission per booking of 5% + VAT on the total amount of the stay. This amount is charged to the traveler and is included in the total price of the stay, you can change it later.
    This fee is refunded in case of cancellation by the traveller.
    Other commissions related to charges will not be refunded.

  • You can work with reservation with immediate acceptance or on request, as you have configured on AvaiBook. Remember: Ads with on-demand booking mode have 30% less conversion and less visibility, so this option may work against your own benefit.

  • In case of disconnecting the Google synchronization, it’s possible that your ad will also be deleted from their platform, you will lose all the data and you will not be able to receive bookings. If you create a new sync again, a new ad will be created.

  • It’s not possible to synchronize offers.

  • The zero down payment functionality is not compatible with Google. To confirm the reservation, we will always ask for the traveler's card and the configured down payment will be automatically charged.

  • If you belong to the Google Hotels category, you must have a Google My Business listing.

  • Reviews are not shown in your Google listing

  • The sections of the content manager that are synchronized with Google are those that carry its logo.

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