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How can I define the content of my ad? (Automatic Import)
How can I define the content of my ad? (Automatic Import)

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Start the process from Accomodations (1) in the Content Manager section

Search the Accommodations filter for the property you want to edit and click on the search button (3) or click directly on the button to see all the properties. When the the list of properties appear, choose the accommodation you want to configure by clicking on the import button (4) that appears on the right. 

If it is a partial accommodation you can choose to configure the accommodation as a whole, or each of the units that belong to it as shown in this image.

When you have clicked on the Auto Load button, you will be redirecting to the Content Import page where you can add the URLs of your ads. 

  Remember that they must be public; that is the same ones that your travellers                      using when they want to book your accommodation.

Select what information you want us to download from each website, images, description or features. We can mix this information with the one you already have (1) or replace it completely (2).

Once the import is done, you will be able to review the information and select which images you want to keep and the order in which they will be displayed.

You can upload up to 50 images per accomodation. Any surplus images from the import will be deleted when you save the changes. Don't forget to save all the changes; it's the only way the imported information will appear in your ad.

If the photos appear "rotated", search in the web: "how to rotate images online" to solve the issue.

Multiple  Import

If you want to import several or all of your accommodations at the same time and you don't need to do a detailed review of each one of them, you can select the multiple import, selecting the accommodations. 

You can also select what information you want us to obtain from each of them and if you want to replace it or combine it with the current one.

In the multiple import process, in case you don't want to review it, it is done automatically every day at midnight; we will send you an email when the process is complete, as well as a warning if any URL fails.

If you want to see or interrupt the import you have in process, you can do it from Multiple Import. You will have to click on the trash button to interrupt the process.

Remember that you can always consult our full knowledge base at:

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