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How do I add tags to my images?
How do I add tags to my images?

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From the Images section of your Content Manager, you can add tags to your photos to provide additional information to your travellers. These will be sent to the XML portals you are connected and synchronized too.

To which channels is it sent and how?

  • (Full Content Version): the tags you put as tags on the photos will be sent.

  • Airbnb XML: the tags you put as descriptions in the photos will be sent.

  • Vrbo XML: the tags you put as descriptions in the photos will be sent.

At the moment, they will not be reflected in the Booking Engine.

How do I set up them?

Go to Accomodations> Content Manager, and go to Manual Editing.

In the Images section, if you put the mouse over the photo, you will see a new icon, if you click on it you will enter into tags settings.

A search engine with predefined descriptions will appear and by clicking on it you will add that tag to the photo:

You can delete a tag you have set, if you made a mistake, by clicking on the X next to the tag name.

When you are done, click on the Save button in this window, and don't forget to also Save to the main page of your Content Manager so that all the changes to the images are reflected in our system.

If there are tags added to a photo, you can see it with the icon (1), you can always modify them by clicking on the icon (2) and if you want to delete the photo you should also click on the icon (2) and delete it with the Delete button (3).

When you open a large photo with the magnifying lens🔍, you will be able to see if there are any tags in that photo and which ones are at the top left:

Repeat the operation with all the photos you want and you will see it reflected in the XML channels with which you are connected and sync content.

In Booking will look like this:

In Airbnb will look like this:

In Vrbo will look like this:

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