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Clarifications on Vrbo synchronization [XML]
Clarifications on Vrbo synchronization [XML]

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In this article you will be able to check the information that is sent to Vrbo with the complete XML connection (the iCal connection only synchronizes the availability of the calendar).

Rate Synchronization:

  • The rates (season and default rate) are synchronized for the base capacity that you have configured in AvaiBook.

  • Accommodation occupancy is synchronized.

  • The extra for an the additional person are synchronized, for this, they must be configured within the link with Vrbo. It will not be possible to distinguish them by season, you must choose a single amount for all accommodation for all seasons.

  • The restrictions of minimum stay, arrival and/or departure day and forcing the weekend are synchronized.

  • Cancellation policy, it must be configured within the link with Vrbo.

  • The deposit associated with the accommodation is synchronized.

  • The cleaning extra is synchronized if configured as mandatory, it must be configured in the same accommodation file. Other extras can be synchronized, always have to mark them as mandatory.

  • The maximum reservation advance is synchronized.

  • The minimum advance reservation is synchronized, as long as it is greater than 24 hours. Any value less than 24 hours will be translated with 0 hours, that is, there will be no minimum notice.

  • Offers cannot be synchronized, nor can they be created in the portal, at the moment.

The information that will be given priority in Vrbo will be the one configured in AvaiBook. You can configure increases or decreases on your prices for this portal, within the link with Vrbo.

Try to keep rates and availability update for at least the next 12 months.


  • All the content of your accommodation is synchronized with what you have established in the AvaiBook Content Manager: photos, amenities, number of bedrooms and beds (but not the type) and house rules (settings related to children, parties and events , no smoking, etc.), commercial name, summary of your accommodation, complete description of the accommodation.

  • The tags on the photos in the Content Manager are synchronized, the tags you put as descriptions on the photos will be sent.

  • The Covid Protocols that you have added in the content manager in AvaiBook are synchronized.

Synchronization of availability and reservations:

  • The AvaiBook calendar is synchronized with the Vrbo calendar. Remember that Vrbo prioritizes the AvaiBook calendar. It is essential that you keep the calendar updated in AvaiBook.

  • You can maintain the online reservation mode or the on-demand mode. If you maintain the online reservation mode, or when you accept a reservation that was on request, the Vrbo reservation will be automatically registered in AvaiBook.

    Likewise, we suggest you to always work with online booking, as it provides greater visibility of the ad and a greater conversion of reservations.

  • Complete data of the traveler is recorded (name, email, observations, etc.)

  • The reservation method with Vrbo is always "immediate reservation". You can find more information about immediate booking here.

  • It is necessary that you have collection rules configured, both for the advance and for the rest of the reservation through AvaiBook. If you do not program 100% of the reservation charge, Vrbo will interpret that there is an error in the connection and will leave the ad unpublished.

  • It is not necessary to set up an additional charging rule for the mandatory extras that you have sent to Vrbo, they are included at 100% of the reservation.

  • After a cancellation, if the traveler is entitled to a refund due to the cancellation policy, it cannot be made automatically. Returns must be made manually in the system.

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