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How do I fill in my connection information with Vrbo XML?
How do I fill in my connection information with Vrbo XML?

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From AvaiBook, access the Channel Manager section and select the create new synchronization button on the top right. You must select Vrbo channel [XML] and one of your accommodations.

If you have already started this process and want to access again into the synchronization to complete, access the Channel manager menu and select Vrbo to display the accommodations that you have connected.

Choose the accommodation you want to configure by clicking on it and you will see that an informative link box will open.

Click the Go to Settings button and you'll be taken to your Vrbo connection settings.

1. Minimum content

Vrbo requires that you have a minimum amount of content to ensure your listing is attractive to travelers. For this reason, the first thing you will see is a list of the main aspects to take into account so that your connection is successfully completed.

2. Sync settings

In this section, you will find some fields that will be sent specifically to Vrbo, fill them out.

  • ID of your ad on Vrbo: it is not a mandatory information, but we encourage you to complete it because in case you need us to review any aspect of your ad, that piece of information will help us find it.

  • Tourist license number: as you know there are several areas where it is mandatory to have a license to be able to rent. You must complete this field in order for Vrbo to post your ad. You can also add it directly from the Content Manager.

  • Portal in which you advertise: you must choose which Vrbo platform you have registered on. Depending on the platform you choose, you must complete the descriptions in the corresponding language. Remember that Vrbo will advertise you on all their platforms, but your support with them will depend on the one you have chosen.

    • Cancellation policy: You must choose between the 5 policies that Vrbo offers:


      In case of cancellation up to 14 days before check-in, the traveler is reimbursed 100% of the reservation. If you cancel up to 7 days before check-in, the traveler is refunded 50% of the reservation.


      In case of cancellation up to 30 days before check-in, the traveler is reimbursed 100% of the reservation. If you cancel up to 14 days before check-in, the traveler is refunded 50% of the reservation.


      In case of cancellation up to 60 days before check-in, the traveler is reimbursed 100% of the reservation. If you cancel up to 30 days before check-in, the traveler is reimbursed 50% of the reservation.


      In case of cancellation up to 60 days before check-in, the traveler is reimbursed 100% of the reservation. If you cancel less than 60 days before check-in, there will be no refund.

      Non refundable

      The possibility of a refund is not offered to the traveler once he has made his reservation.

      We leave you the information about the cancellation policies that Vrbo offers on its platform, and we advise you to always have them as a reference.

      ⚠️ Important:

      If the traveler is entitled to a refund due to the cancellation policy, it is not possible to do it automatically. Returns must be made manually in the system. For more information, see How did I make a refund?

  • Geolocation: geolocation will provide information about the location of your accommodation. It is very important that you check that it is correct on the green "Geolocation" button and correct what is necessary on the map. For more information, see How can I geolocate my accommodation?

3. Rate maintenance

As in all the portals with which we connect rates, with Vrbo you have the option to send a correction on your AvaiBook prices so that the cost per night is not the same in AvaiBook as in the portal.

You can configure both an increase and a decrease in euros or percentage that will be applied to the base rate and the seasons that you have created in AvaiBook.

4. Price maintenance for additional people

The supplement you charge for each additional person must be configured at the connection level with Vrbo since this information cannot be taken directly from your AvaiBook rates.

If you charge €10 per person, for example, remember that you must add the amounts progressively as the number of additional guests increases (+10 +20 +30 as in the image).

*Remember: the calculation of the final price will always be the AvaiBook price for the base occupancy (accommodation rates), plus the price of additional people, plus the increase, in this order.

Example: Base price of €100 for 2 people and 2 additional pax at €10 each (+ €20), the total the cost of the stay for one night would be €120, if we apply an increase of 10%, we will send Vrbo €132.

5. Other settings

  • Deposit: you must configure it in the file of your accommodation, consult this guide that we propose: How do I configure the deposit?

  • Extras: you must configure them in your accommodation file, it is necessary to mark them as mandatory to send them to Vrbo. It is not necessary to configure an additional charge rule, they are included at 100% of the reservation.

  • Tourist tax: you must configure it in your accommodation, in Reservation Options. You will have this box once you have started the connection with Vrbo.

  • VAT: this portal needs to know the VAT that you apply, so when you have started the connection with Vrbo, we will enable a field in your accommodation, BDP section so that you can insert it.

Remember to save the settings made at the end.

6. Rental Agreement

Vrbo requires you to add a rental agreement, to give that information to your travelers linked to the receipt. Do not worry, it is not a contract to use. It must be a generic document (without names or accommodation) where you express and collect your general rules, valid for all your accommodations.

We show you an example.
You can upload the file in this section, in .pdf format.

7. Scheduled charges

In this connection, you need to charge 100% of the reservation through AvaiBook. For this reason, it is mandatory that in AvaiBook you establish rules for collecting the advance and the rest, the final result being 100% of the reservation.

⚠️ The advance must be configured to be charged automatically at the time of receiving the reservation.

These two rules, advance payment and rest, can only be configured as a percentage and the advance payment must be programmed for the moment in which the reservation is made.

⚠️ If these conditions are not met, Vrbo will interpret it as a connection error and there may be errors in your synchronization, Vrbo may proceed to leave your ad unpublished, the information may not be passed correctly and you will be reserved for a incorrect price or conditions, there may be overbookings.

If you wish, you can configure an additional charge for the management of the deposit, it can be a pre-authorization for example.

It is not necessary to set up an additional charging rule for the mandatory extras that you have sent to Vrbo, they are included at 100% of the reservation.

Once everything is complete (minimum content and synchronization configuration), we will provide you with a link to continue the process from Vrbo so that you can end the connection from the portal:

Through this link you will enter a form to complete so that Vrbo ends the connection. provide your AvaiBook ID (Assigned ID / Advertiser ID), which is in your private AvaiBook area in My data. You must indicate it like this:


Example: AVAIBOOK_11111

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