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How can I geolocate the address of my accommodation?
How can I geolocate the address of my accommodation?

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In the process of creating an accommodation you will see that some of the fields we ask you to configure are the postal address, the municipality and the country where the property is located; thanks to this information our system manages to geolocate on the map the exact position of the accommodation so that it automatically calculates the coordinates (latitude and longitude).

Please note that calculating the exact geolocation of your accommodation is not always possible depending on the information you include. For example, if you add information such as km 245, portal 4º, alpha building, left staircase, urbanization Azabache or something similar we recommend you to check the geolocation directly from the map that you will find in the menu Accommodation -> My accommodations -> General information:

If you click on the location button (4) you will see a map where you can check the geolocation of your accommodation.

It is very important that you check that the geolocation of your accommodation is correct and correct it if necessary, this can be done directly from the map by moving the position icon (1) or by manually entering (2) the coordinates of your accommodation.

Geolocating the correct address of your accommodation is crucial to connect with some portals such as Airbnb, or HomeAway as these are based on the geographical coordinates and not on the postal address of your accommodation, so you will always provide accurate information to your travellers.

If you don't know the coordinates of your accommodation you can look for them directly on Google Maps, simply by entering the address of your accommodation.

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