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Balance in custody
Balance in custody

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AvaiBook offers you the possibility to collect your online bookings through our BDP (Booking Direct Payments) tool, our own PCI solution specialized in online payment processing for holiday rentals, as well as the possibility to manage refunds automatically, saving time and worries.

There are different reasons why a card payment may be in safe custody:

A) Reliability: when you perform a manual operation and the credit/debit card has been provided directly by you and not by the guest:

In this type of operations the payment will be in custody indefinitely until you validate your KYC documentation and up to 48 hours after the traveler's entry into the accommodation if the accommodation has active the anti-fraud guarantee.

B) Risk: there is a maximum custody time (20 or 40 days from the date of the operation), which will depend on each operation and will be evaluated by our internal security control.

In order to release retained amount, please get in touch with us. Take into consideration that your request will be going to be forwarded to our Risks Control Department; if necessary, you will be asked to provide the documentation related to the reservation by replying to the email they have previously sent you in order to authorise the release.

C) Cancellation policy or anti-fraud guarantee: when a scheduled transaction is executed and the credit card has been provided by the traveler:

In these operations we will take into account the existence of the cancellation policy and the anti-fraud guarantee.

- If the accommodation is protected by an anti-fraud guarantee: the payment will be held in custody until 48 hours after check-in.

- If the anti-fraud guarantee is deactivated, the payment will be held in custody until the date of compliance with the cancellation policy.

o Note: the deactivation of the anti-fraud guarantee is not retroactive, i.e. reservations made with the anti-fraud guarantee active will keep the payment in custody until 48 hours after check-in.

You will be able to know the amounts in custody from the Accounting-Movements section:

1. Select the period for which you want to do the search.

2. Check YES in the In custody filter.

3. Click on Search.

4. If you hover your mouse over the orange exclamation mark, we explain the reasons why the amounts are in this status and until when.

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