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What is the available balance and the balance in custody?
What is the available balance and the balance in custody?

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Access your Private Zone and, from the Accounting > Movements section, you will be able to know the status of your AvaiBook balance: available balance, balance in custody and total balance.

Available balance

The available balance is the sum of all the movements of your bookings (BDP collections, commission discounts, penalties, chargebacks...) and contracted services (contracting a service module, renewing your plan...).

The available balance can be positive or negative and it is balanced (it remains at 0€) on a daily basis through an automatic process.

Why do I have a positive balance and am not getting paid?

One of the following situations may happen:

  • Because your available balance does not exceed the billing threshold. You can modify it to a lower amount so that the settlement process is executed correctly the next day.

  • Because you do not have a bank account set up. You can add a bank account and we will validate it in 24h-48h.

  • Because you have to provide your KYC documentation. You can add the documentation following these steps and in 24h-48h we will validate it.

  • Because you have pending to resolve a non-payment or a refund to a traveller. If so, a message with this information will appear in your Accounting > Movements section.

Why do I have a negative balance and am not being charged?

One of the following situations may happen:

  • Because the available balance does not exceed the billing threshold, don't worry on the 1st of next month we will charge you.

  • Because you have not configured a card, you can add it securely by following these steps

Balance in custody

The balance in custody is the total of movements of type: BDP collections and commissions discount of the reserves that we keep in custody until the availability date is reached (according to the cancellation policy, anti-fraud guarantee or other requirements such as the validation of your profile).

Once the availability date is met, the money goes to the available balance.

Why do I have a balance in custody and I don't get paid?

  • Because it is held in custody until the cancellation policy is complied with, you can modify it for your future reservations.

  • Because it is held in custody until the anti-fraud guarantee is complied with, you can learn more about the anti-fraud guarantee here.

  • Because it is kept until the date of our Fraud Scoring Programme, in the case of manual collections that do not have a cancellation policy managed by AvaiBook, the amount is kept until 48 hours after the traveller enters the accommodation (there is a maximum retention time, which will depend on each operation and will be evaluated by our internal security control, this time can be between 20 or 40 days). To release this balance you must have your KYC documentation validated.

Keep in mind that the settlements are grouped by dates, and it may be that a pending settlement is used to manage a pending non-payment or refund, although it has nothing to do with the reservation in question because the settlement of that reservation was already paid on a previous date.

The money will always be paid to the owner, as this is our objective. However, there is a protocol that we must follow in specific cases, trying not to take too long.

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