The accounting management in AvaiBook can be found in the menu Accounting -> Transactions.

Once you are inside you must use the filters you want:

  • The type you can filter by type of operations: Collections (receipts), payments (credits), reserves or BDP collections.

  • In custody, you can filter operations that are in custody.

  • Balanced you can filter transactions that are settled.

  • The period you can filter operations by time periods. By default, you will see the transactions of the last two months.

  • Invoiced you can filter operations that have been invoiced.

You will find movements related to reserves, credits of the outstanding balance, and debits of the outstanding balance. Clicking on each of these transactions will drill down to more specific information about them. In the right column you can have more information with direct access to the reservation or to the invoices:

If you want to know when an amount that is in escrow will become available, just hover your mouse over the orange exclamation mark.

If you want you can export all the movements to Excel (from the advanced plan) from the bottom of the screen.

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