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When do I get paid?
When do I get paid?

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In order to send the money for a reservation to the owner, the system checks the following parameters:

Cancellation policy

The cancellation policy is set by the owner, it can be different for each of your accommodations, and defines the period of time the traveller has to cancel the reservation (*without penalty), that is, until when the advance payment is refunded.

Example: If you have a cancellation policy configured in which the traveller can cancel without penalty up to 30 days before the check-in date, a reservation made on 12/01/2020 for check-in on 3/10/2021 will have the deposit retained until 02/10/2021 (30 days before the check-in date), date in which you will receive the money in your AvaiBook Balance.

Anti-fraud guarantee

The anti-fraud guarantee is the best guarantee that the traveller can have when booking your accommodation in the booking engine's reservations.

It consists in that the owner does not receive the amount of the reservations until 48 hours after the check-in date of the reservation. In this way, you show the traveller the best guarantee that can exist since all possibility of booking in a fraudulent accommodation is eliminated.

  • With an anti-fraud guarantee: as long as the anti-fraud guarantee remains active, the amount charged for the reservation will be available 48 hours after the traveller checks into the accommodation.

  • Without anti-fraud guarantee: The money for the reservation will be available according to the cancellation policy you have set in the accommodation file in AvaiBook.

*It is not possible to modify the anti-fraud guarantee of a reservation that is confirmed and paid, that is to say, that it has been booked with these conditions.

Billing threshold

By default, the threshold will be 125€. (This amount is subject to modifications according to the casuistry of each client).

That is when there is an available balance equal to or greater than 125€ the system will generate a payment of that amount, and it will be sent to the bank account that you have configured in your private area.

Go to the My details menu to modify it to the amount you want.

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