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How do I define my cancellation policy?
How do I define my cancellation policy?

Establish my cancellation policy, cancellation rules

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You can define your cancellation policy for bookings made through the AvaiBook booking engine. In this way, AvaiBook will know when the refund of the advance payment corresponds to the traveller and will carry out the operation automatically.

To configure it, go to the My Accommodations menu and choose a property. In the Booking Options tab, you can configure it.

Completes the configuration by establishing the number of days the traveler has to cancel with the right to a refund of the advance based on the time of booking or the date of entry (1).

Depending on what you tell us, we will return it to the traveller in case it corresponds or we will transfer it to you.

You can also define your own cancellation policy (2).

This policy cannot be applied automatically by AvaiBook, but you can inform the traveler and manage it on your own from our platform.

If you want to add a particular rule of your accomodation you can also leave it reflected (3)

When you're done, hit the Save button at the bottom of the page.

*Remember that the policies of cancellations of your portals will have to configure them from there. In the case of Airbnb XML and Homeaway XML you will have to               define it from the Manage fares section in the accommodation file.

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