The billing threshold is the amount that sets off how much money you want to be paid out. For example, if your collection threshold is 125 euros, when there is a balance available equal to or more than 125 euros, the amount will be paid into your bank account. If at the end of the month the amount you have pending to pay has not exceeded the collection threshold it will be automatically settled (whether or not it exceeds the billing threshold).

Go to the menu My data to be able to modify it to the amount you want.

When you have finished, click on the Save button.

Why is there a billing threshold?

A billing threshold can be set to unify the issue of payments to each client, especially for those who handle large amounts or reserves. This avoids the need for daily deposits.

In this way, amounts collected through our payment platform accumulate (amounts in custody are not taken into account), since the cancellation policy has been fulfilled and even if the traveller cancels the reservation, as owners the advance payment already belongs to you.

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