To complete the KYC section you have to take into account the following considerations:

If you need to modify your billing details or your payment/collection details, click here:

If your billing details and your payment/collection details are correct but you don't know which documents you need to provide, click here -->

Once you have checked these details, you can attach the corresponding documentation to be validated by AvaiBook.

You must attach the documentation in the "Documentation-KYC" section.

You will find this section in your private customer area > My details > Documentation-KYC button (in the top right corner).

In this section you can see the summary of your validations and the status of each one: Validated, Pending to validate and Not validated.

> Documents not validated: check that you have attached the documents and saved the changes. If you have made a change to your billing or bank account details and your documents have not been validated, check the reasons for rejection that we indicate in the validation/rejection email.

> Documents with pending validation: The documents you have attached are pending validation by our Backoffice team. Until the documents have been validated, the invoicing and/or bank account details cannot be edited or modified.

> Validated documents: The documents you have attached have already been reviewed and validated by our Backoffice team. From this moment on, you can modify any document you need, for example: if your ID card has expired.

In this section you also have access to the contract and conditions of use accepted at registration.

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