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Document to validate a bank account
Document to validate a bank account

You must attach a certificate of ownership to validate the bank account.

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The certificate of ownership is a document issued by the bank to confirm that the account you want to set up on the platform is registered in the name of the tax owner. It is usually a free document that can be purchased at the bank branch or downloaded from electronic banking.

The "Draft" format of the certificate of ownership is also accepted to validate the bank account, and in case you cannot provide this document you can validate the account by sending the contract with the bank where the data of the account holder and the full IBAN of the account to be set up appear.


-It must be a current document (from the current year).

-It must be signed or stamped by the bank.

-It must show the full IBAN and the name of the holder of your billing details.

-It must have a format: JPG, PNG or PDF and a maximum size of 3 MB.

Examples of ownership certificates:


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