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What is the difference between online and on-request bookings?
What is the difference between online and on-request bookings?

Online reservations, upon request, immediate acceptance, upon acceptance by the owner

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You can choose the modality with which you want to work for your booking engine according to the style of business or accommodation you manage.

Go to the menu Accommodation > My Accommodations and choose the property in which you want to configure it. Once you are in the accommodation tab, go to the Booking Options tab to select the modality you prefer.

Booking mode on request 

This mode allows you to control all reservations that enter and only those you say will be accepted. 

But beware! the deadline for accepting or rejecting a booking received is 24 hours, so you will have to review them periodically. If you exceed this time, the request will be automatically cancelled. 

This mode only allows payment by credit card, since when you accept the reservation the bank will make the automatic payment of the advance payment, allowing you not to lose any reservation if the traveler does not make the payment on time.

The booking mode with immediate acceptance (online)

This mode is the most automatic and unattended, as it will allow you to receive reservations by obtaining the advance amount (which you fix for each accommodation) directly. 

It is absolutely essential to make the most of it so that you have a 100% updated calendar

The conversion rate of the immediate bookings is higher than the on-demand bookings, but you choose :) updated :)

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