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Packages offers and promotions. FREQUENT QUESTIONS
Packages offers and promotions. FREQUENT QUESTIONS
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How do I create an offer?

You can create offers in AvaiBook in two different ways:

a) Assigning it directly to an accommodation:

1- Go to the Accommodations > My Accommodations menu and choose the property you want.

2- Click on it and stay on the Rates tab.

3- Scroll down the page a bit until you see the Packages, offers and promotions section.

4- Click on the Create and assign button.

b) Creating the offer from the Packages, offers and promotions section:

1- Go to the Accommodation menu > Packages, offers and promotions.

2- Click on the Create Package button.

3- After creating it, you can assign it to the accommodations you want.

✔Why do I have offers that I have not created?

For example, if any of your AvaiBook offers appears with an [R] in front of the name, it means that it was configured in Rentalia that when it has been synchroned, it was created in AvaiBook:

Following you can find the link to some of the possibilities that, for example, Booking offers in this regard:

✔ How do I synchronize the offers with the portals?

Currently, the offers you create in AvaiBook will be used for the booking engine of your website, for Rentalia and for Airbnb XML. With the rest of the portals it is not possible to synchronize it.

Regarding Airbnb:

-Before you can send them to the portal, you must first create it in AvaiBook and assign it to the accommodation in which you want to synchronize it.

-Among the various possibilities that you have in AvaiBook, you can connect with Airbnb those of the "last minute", "early booking", "long stay" type.

-Then, you must access to the synchronization of the accommodation with the portal and, once inside, go to the section Configuration of offers for Airbnb.

✔Can I create an offer for specific dates?

Of course! When you are creating the offer, one of the sections to complete is "Application Mode". Here you can indicate the period in which you want it to be applied. Even, if to apply the offer it is mandatory, you can insert a specific day of entry. If you do not specify the application period, the offer will apply throughout the year.

✔ Example of how to create an offer

Let's give an example to show the complete process of how to create an offer 🤓

Suppose that, for stays of 3 nights, we want to offer a cheaper price on the third night. Our usual price is €50/night and the discount for the third will be 50% on that rate.

1- In the menu, we go to Accommodation > Packages, offers and promotions

2- Click on Create Offer. It will open the section where we will configure the characteristics of our offer.

1.- Type: we can choose several type. In this case, we choose Offer. What you write in this section is for internal use only.

2.- Name: here we give it a name (it will be shown in the engine, in the reservation process) and we describe what it will consist of (it is not a mandatory field).

3.- Within the typology of "offer", we must choose one of those options. In our case, we choose the second one since we want it to apply to stays of exactly 3 nights.

As the price of each night is €50 and the third night has a 50% discount on that value, the TOTAL of that stay will be: €50 + €50 + €25 = €125

4.-Application mode: here we configure some particularities of the offer.

-period in which we want the offer it(for example, for the months of January and February which are low season),

-if the day of entry must be a specific day

-yes, despite being an offer, it can be refunded in case of cancellation

-yes, because it is an offer, we require 100% in the confirmation

-Then, we click Save offer.

-Once saved, a last section will appear where we can assign it to the accommodations where we want it to be applied.

-Finally, click on Apply.

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