The packages, offers and promotions allow you to improve the marketing of your accommodation and offer special conditions for special dates.
To define your packages and offers you can do it from two ways:

(a) Assigning it directly to accommodation:

Go to the menu Accommodations > My Accommodation and choose the property you want. Click on it and stay on the Rates tab.

Scroll down the page until you see the Packages, offers and promotions section.
Click the Create and assign button.

b) Creating the offer without assigning it to an accommodation from the beginning:

You can also access it directly from the main menu under Packages, offers and promotions. In this case, click the Create Package button.

Don't worry, after creating it you will be able to assign it to the accommodations you want.

Creation of packages and offers:

Whether you have chosen the form "a" or the "b" either way you will get to the configuration of your offer.

Choose what you want to create (1): 

  • Packet

  • Offfer

  • Last minute - Last minute

  • Early booking

  • Long stay

*Each one with different types of offers to configure, check them all and choose the                                     one that best suits your needs. 

Method of application (2):

By default, offers are created as non-refundable, but you can tick the option refundable reservation in case of cancellation if you prefer to follow your usual cancellation policy..

Name and Description (3 and 4):

Give the traveller an indicative name. Specify the dates during which you will apply this offer. If it applies all year round, do not complete the application by date and leave it blank. You can even define an entry day or an obligatory exit day if you wish.

Type of offer (5):

Defines the prices of the offer and its restrictions of stay. 

Remember that if you want the discount to be applied in every night
                 you must put a 0 as indicated in the image.

If you have finished defining your offer, click on the Save offer button (6)

Assigning the offer to the accommodation:

To finish, you will have to decide which accommodations you want to apply it to.

Remember that if you have chosen option a) it will already be assigned to the                                     accommodation you have chosen.

Click on "rate applied to" to choose the accommodations to which you want to apply this offer. To finish click on the Apply button.

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