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How do I create extras for my accommodation?
How do I create extras for my accommodation?

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You can also define Extras for your accommodations such as cleaning service, parking fees or pet admission.

To do this, go to the menu Accommodation > My Accommodations and choose a property. Click on it and you will see the Rates tab at the top. Scroll down to the Extras section. 

Click on Create Extra button so will appear a settings box.

Give an identifying name that makes it clear to the traveler what it is. Specify the dates during which you are going to apply this extra.

⚠️If you don't define any period, the extra will appear all year.

Also choose if your extra is a mandatory or not. Define the price and type (per stay, per person, per person and stay, etc.) and, if you wish, you can even add a description or a URL of interest.

When you have finished, click on the Save button.

⚠️ Remember that this information is only synchronized with reservations through booking engine and Vrbo XML (if required).

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