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How do I block days before and after a reservation?
How do I block days before and after a reservation?

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If you need AvaiBook to block immediately before and after a reservation, you can configure it to " isolate " some reservations from others, it means to leave 1, 2 or 3 days between them in order to make the correct process of sanitization and disinfection of the accommodation.

You can adjust the reservation period from 0 to 3 days. When you receive reservations, either directly or by channels, the system will add those blocks before and after the requested dates.

For setup it, go to your accommodation's tab from Accommodation --> My accommodations, select the "booking options" tab and in the preparation time indicate how many nights you want to block.

In case the reservation is cancelled, the blocks will be automatically released.

In your calendar you will see the blocks reflected as follows:

Does it connect to the portals?

  • Vrbo: Only if you have an XML connection, we will send this information to the portal and Vrbo will show it as an amenitie.

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