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How do I create a partial accommodation?
How do I create a partial accommodation?

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After completing the general data of your partial accommodation you will have to configure if you have several identical units, you will have to define the quantity in the box on the left. In this way, those units will have the same prices and characteristics.  If you want to create different units, click on the button in the lower right corner: "Create". 

You can distinguish your price per night according to whether it is during the week (from Sunday to Thursday) or during the weekend (Friday and Saturday). If your prices do not have this distinction put the same number in both boxes.

You will also have to complete the number of people you admit in each type of unit, as a minimum and maximum.

  *Don't worry about not having configured seasons or the supplement for additional    people, when you have finished with the creation you will be able to define many  more options.

If you have finished creating and defining all your units click on Next to continue. Now you will have to configure the general conditions of your reservations.

Defines the Advance ( 1 ) to be charged when travelers want to confirm their reservation. Configure the moment in which you want to charge the rest of the reservation ( 2 ) automatically. 

    *Remember that the rest you can not charge before the cancellation policy                                                      guaranteed by AvaiBook ends.

It is important that you define the booking mode according to your preferences. Reservations on request or reservations with immediate acceptance ( 3 )

Finally, you will have to define the cancellation policy guaranteed by AvaiBook ( 4 ), i.e. the period in which you allow a cancellation by the traveller with the right to a refund of the advance paid (minus AvaiBook commissions). If the traveller cancels within this period, AvaiBook will automatically make the corresponding refund.

      *Remember that this will only happen in those pages that use our search engine;           those that use one of their own will apply their own charging rules
                              and cancellation policy and not ours.

Have you got everything? You can go back to steps 1 and 2 if you want to review your settings. If you have finished click on the Save button to finish.

You have already created your hosting, now you will be able to do the most advanced configuration and you will have many other options.

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