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How do I define the advance payment and the rest of the reserve?
How do I define the advance payment and the rest of the reserve?

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To configure the advance payment that you request in your accommodation and program the collection of the rest of the reservation go to the menu Accommodation (1) -> My Accommodation (2) and choose the property in which you want to make this configuration.

Click on the BDP tab (3) at the top of the screen, just below the name of your accommodation. You can configure both options at the beginning of this section in the fields (4).

Advance Reservation payment: 

This field must be configured.
You can define the amount of the advance in euros, percentage or number of nights.

AvaiBook will charge the rest of the reservation: 

Configure this field if you want AvaiBook to also manage the collection of the rest of the booking. You will only have to indicate the moment in which you want the payment to be made.
The amount of the rest will be calculated by deducting the defined advance from the total amount of the reservation.

*Remember that the data you enter in this section are valid only for our booking engine, in case you use it on your website, and Rentalia if you are connected to this portal. In the different portals will be maintained the configuration you have created in its platform.

When you have finished hit the Save button (5).

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