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Fast Onboarding: download your Airbnb ads
Fast Onboarding: download your Airbnb ads

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With Fast Onboarding you will be able to download your Airbnb ads in a few steps.

This way you will have in AvaiBook the necessary information to start working in a very short time.

Remember that in order to download your ads, Airbnb does not have to be connected to another Channel Manager.

If you have another Channel Manager connected, please disconnect it from Airbnb before starting Fast Onboarding.

  • AvaiBook account with no hosting created

If you are a new customer and your AvaiBook account is still empty, by logging in with your email and password, you will see the following screen:

To download your Airbnb listings, click on import accommodations from Airbnb.

  • AvaiBook account with already created accommodations

If you already have accommodations configured in AvaiBook and you want to download new listings from Airbnb, go to Accommodations > My accommodations and at the top right click on the Create accommodation button and select the Import accommodations from Airbnb option.

Next, if you are not logged in to Airbnb, we will ask you for your Airbnb profile passwords. You will need to log in to Airbnb as ANFRITRION. If you have a Co-Host login it will not be possible to continue with the download.

Follow the steps:

Then you will see your Airbnb listings and you will have to select the ones you want to download in AvaiBook. You can select the accommodations one by one (1), or select them all with the option you will see on the left (2):

On the same screen, on the top right you will see how many units you are going to download and how many units your AvaiBook plan allows (3).

The ads that cannot be selected will have a red message explaining why it is not possible to download them.

When you have selected the accommodations click on Next.

In the next screen, you will be able to set a decrement if you want the AvaiBook prices to be cheaper than the ones you have set in Airbnb. You can indicate an amount in € or %:

Example: if in Airbnb you have configured 100€ per night and in AvaiBook you want a 10% cheaper price, write in the box "decrease" 10% and in AvaiBook you will have a rate of 90€ per night, while Airbnb will continue selling at 100€ per night.

The amount you enter will be automatically subtracted in all the prices we will download from Airbnb.

Then you have 2 possibilities:

  • Download the ads and leave them synchronized with Airbnb: check the Synchronize box and click Download.

  • Download the ads without connecting them: do not check the Synchronize box and click Download (you can complete the synchronization later).

From this moment on, the download process will start and in a few minutes you will have your accommodations in AvaiBook.

At the end of the process, you will receive a confirmation email.

In the meantime, we recommend you to watch our video and read our FAQs on this screen:

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