AvaiBook has full XML synchronization with Airbnb, so you can not only create new listings on Airbnb, but you can too connect with your existing listings. In this way you will not lose reviews, positioning and all the effort you did in matter of time in this Portal.

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It is essential that both your rates, calendar and content manager are perfectly updated in AvaiBook before starting the connection.

You can update your calendar in AvaiBook manually or by importing the blocks of your reservations through an iCal connection (if the platform to connect has this option). We recommend you to always check the imported locks.

Airbnb will prioritize the information you have in AvaiBook.

To configure it go to the Channel manager menu and click on the Create synchronization button.

Select the portal, in this case Airbnb, and the accommodation that you want to link.

Remember that you must mark the check as agreement with the conditions of use and synchronization settings.

When you have done everything, click the Connect with Airbnb button.


  • If you do not have completed all the information of the AvaiBook content manager, you must complete it before continuing with the connection.

  • If you already have an iCal connection, you must delete this connection after making the new connection.

If it is the first connection you make, you will have to accept that AvaiBook accesses part of your Airbnb account information so that we can make the link. You will need to log in to Airbnb as a HOST.

Now what do you want to do? You can choose if you want to connect to an existing listing or if you want to create a new listing on the portal.

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