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How to create discount rule sets for Airbnb?
How to create discount rule sets for Airbnb?

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With the full XML synchronization with Airbnb you have the possibility to configure discounts directly from AvaiBook.


Before you can send the discounts to Airbnb, you have to create them in AvaiBook.

Once done, follow these steps to create rule sets for your discounts that will be sync with Airbnb.

Go to Channel Manager menu that you have in the left bar of the main menu.

In the list of connected portals you should select Airbnb, click on the logo to see the connected accommodations and click on the name of the accommodation you want to configure, click on Go to configuration to access the information on linking the accommodation with Airbnb.

On this page you will have to scroll down to the Airbnb Offer Settings section:

Here you will find two columns: discounts in AvaiBook (1), so the discounts created for your AvaiBook accommodation that you can use too for Airbnb. And set of rules to create in Airbnb (2), so the discounts that make up the settings of Airbnb rules. You will select from column (1) the discounts that will make up the settings and you will pass them to column (2).

To configure your set of rules, select from column (1) the discounts that will make up the settings and pass them to column (2). You have to click on the offers you want to use and click on the green button you see below between the columns:

If you make a mistake, you can select a discount from column (2) and with the green button that you see below between the columns, but in the opposite direction, you can pass the discount back to column (1).

Once you have decided which discounts (one or more) you want to make up the setting of rules, you must give them a name (1) to identify them and a color (2) with which you can identify them from the Airbnb calendar.

At the bottom on the left, you will also see a summary of the dates on which this set will be applied.

*It is necessary to take into account that not all types of discounts available in AvaiBook are compatible with Airbnb.


When you're done, remember to scroll down to the bottom of the page and hit the Save button.

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