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Can I display my privacy policy?
Can I display my privacy policy?

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As an accommodation manager you can include your privacy policy, so that it will be shown in the booking conditions that the traveller will accept at the moment he/she decides to complete the booking.

How can you define your particular privacy policy?

To define your privacy policy and make it visible to your travellers, go to the menu Accommodation -> My Accommodation and choose a property in which you want to configure it. 

In the Booking options tab, towards the middle of the page, you can set up a privacy policy URL that redirects the traveller to the content you want.

Remember to click the Save button at the bottom of the page 😉

Where will my travelers see this information?

This information will be displayed when a traveler makes a reservation through the booking engine, in the booking conditions, in the Data Protection section at the end of the reservation.

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