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What can I do with BDP Plus?
What can I do with BDP Plus?

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BDP is AvaiBook's integral card payment management environment.

In essence, it is a tool that will validate card details and automatically charge the amounts of all your bookings, the amount you need and when you need it. 100% secure tool, under a PCI Compliance environment.

The BDP is available for all bookings that are transacted through AvaiBook:

  • From your website, Rentalia and Tripadvisor, which are run by the AvaiBook booking engine.

  • The bookings you receive through, Expedia or Vrbo (xml) from the accommodations you have synchronised through AvaiBook.

  • Manual bookings you have entered into the system (available with BDP PLUS)

The operations that can be carried out with the BDP are Collections, pre-authorizations (temporary blocking of money) and refunds. In addition, they can be programmed or manual transactions.

The BPD Plus is one of the most outstanding functionalities of AvaiBook as it goes beyond being a virtual TPA.

Moreover, this functionality is included in all our plans from the basic one, with this you will be able to:

The BDP Plus allows you:

  • Insert the guest's card details for manual reservations.

  • Modify reservation card data from portals or your website that have incorrect data, and validate them.

  • Make collections, both manual by choosing if you want 3D Secure (mandatory or optional) or programmed.

As there are manual operations, the system establishes a security protocol by which these amounts are kept until the validation of your KYC Documentation and accommodation in AvaiBook.

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