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How to set up Fast Check-in ?🔧
How to set up Fast Check-in ?🔧

Configure Fast Check-in, entry part or traveler registration. Security Forces. Guests

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Fast Check-in allows you to anticipate your guests' data registration, so that the check-in date you will only have to check your travelers data and provide them to the respective Security Forces and Corps.

You will be able to configure this tool by entering the following section: My accommodations. Once you have chosen your accommodation, the Fast Check-in tab will appear on the top right hand side.

To request your guests' data, you can choose between two options: manual or automatic.

1 Manual:

This mode allows you to request guest data only on reservations you choose. If you do not want AvaiBook to request data automatically in all reservations, you should choose the option.

How can you do it? Go to the booking form, in the Fast check in tab, and click on the "request by mail" button.

Your guest will receive an e-mail to complete their data and will be able to share it with the rest of the guests.

2 Automatic:

This is the recommended option, since it is AvaiBook, in each and every one of your reservations, who automatically sends an e-mail to your guests to fill in their personal data.

The main guest will receive a maximum of 3 emails (ten, five and two days prior to Check-in).

Then, you must fill in the username and password to access the website of the competent Security Force in your area where it is required to send this information.

1- The registration entity (Security Force) will depend on the place where your property is located.

2/3 - You will have to insert the username and password you registered in the corresponding Security Force website.

4 - You will also have to insert the code of your establishment, provided once you have registered your establishment with the respective Force. In some cases, this code can be the same as user.

*In case of partial property (such as a hotel), you must select if all the properties/rooms units have the same registration number or if each one has its own registration number:

In case each unit has a different number, you must indicate the establishment code, file number and entry part number corresponding to each one.

5/6 - You must know the file number -5 - (if you do not know the number of the last file sent, indicate "1") and the last traveler's registration form (entry part Nº) -6 - (If you do not know it or it is your first report, indicate "0" in this field).

The file number is generated for each reservation. If you have sent files to the corresponding entity, you must identity which was the last one sent and insert the next one here.

The entry part number is generated for each guest registrated. To complete this field, you must search how many guests you have registered and indicate here the last one.

7- If you want the report to be sent automatically to the Security Forces and Corps, check this option in the reservation form. The process will be executed every hour. Remember that you must check the "check-in finished" box in the booking form, otherwise, it will not be sent.

8- Minimum age of the guest. Age from which it is mandatory to register and sign the traveler's registration form.

9 - If you want to receive the check-in forms in PDF in your email, indicate your email in this field.

10 - By checking this option you will be able to create and use a vacation rental contract linked to a reservation. You can create your own contract or choose from one of our templates. This option is enabled only on PRO plans.

11 - Indicate your company details. These details must be the same as those that appear in the Security Force where you have registered your property.

*Please note: the documentation required may vary depending on the nationality of the traveler.

Remember to SAVE at the end.

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