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❓ Coupons. Frequent questions article
❓ Coupons. Frequent questions article

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🟢What type of plan can I create discount coupons with?

Discount coupons are a great option to reinforce and promote your business during the low season. This tool is only available for the Standard and Pro plans.

🟢How many coupons can I create?

With our Standard plan you will have at your disposal one coupon to create, and with the Pro plan you will be able to create an indefinite number of coupons, in addition to being able to search for them using a search filter.

🟢How do I send my traveler the coupon?

It is really important to advertise your customer in a very visible way on your website, so they will know that you have an active coupon offer.

You can also send an email to customers who have already stayed at your accommodation before, inviting them to book again through your website and sharing your coupons so that they can benefit from the discount.

Or even create reservation invitations from AvaiBook. In these invitations you can also write them a brief text indicating the coupon code.

🟢How do I set up a coupon?

Access from Publish > Coupons menu, and click on the Create Coupon button. Here, you just have to follow the steps:

1- Give it a name

2- Describe it!

3- Decide if the discount will be in euros or as a percentage.

4- Choose the quantity.

5- How many times can it be used?

6- In which accommodation?

7- Indicate if the coupon will apply to the confirmation date or to the stay dates

8- It also indicates the period of application in which it will be valid.

9- Activate it now or leave it ready for later 🧐

10- Decide if it is combinable with other offers or not.

🟢Can I apply a coupon for specific dates?

Of course! During the configuring process of your coupon, you will have two fields related to the dates on which you want it to be applied:

Type of period: Here you can choose if it will be applied to the dates of the reservation (confirmation time) or to the dates of stay (range in which the reservation must be enjoyed).

Application period: Here you will indicate the "validity" of your coupon. If you do not indicate dates, the coupon will be valid from the moment you create it and will not have an end date. If you indicate only the start date, it will start working on the indicated day and will not have an end date.

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