AvaiBook offers you the possibility to set up many templates of e-mails, automatically customized to send them to your travellers when you need them. This way you will be able to offer them more personalized attention and save time. To set it up, access the Conversations > Emails menu and click on "Create template".

You will access the following screen:

1- You must add a template name that will only be visible to you from the platform.

2- Activate or deactivate template, when you deactivate a template you can continue editing it and it will not be sent even if you have defined sending rules.

3- Subject that will appear in the sender's email. You can include parameters in the subject field by typing or pasting the ## (#travel_name) parameter.

4- In the Body, we recommend using the parameters that will be replaced by the actual data when the template is generated. If you enter the # character in the description editor we will show you all available parameters.

5- You will also be able to add an attachment if you wish in PDF format and with a maximum size of 1 MB.

6- If you have a Pro plan you will also be able to attach a template of the lease contract you have to take into account that if you attach the contracts of a reservation the rest of the previously attached files will be deleted.

An example of an email with parameters would be the following:

You can also customize it in many other ways. You can change the font, size, colour, etc., and also add images, such as your logo, by clicking on the tile icon at the top right (next to the link icon). It will ask you to include them through a URL address, so they will need to be uploaded to the Internet in some way (to your website, for example) for you to be able to include them.

⚠️If the images you need are not uploaded to the Internet and you use, for example, WordPress, it will be as simple as going to the WordPress Media > Add New. WordPress generates a URL for each uploaded content, regardless of whether it is later published or not. Upload the image you want to use, access its details, copy the generated URL, and paste it into the email you are preparing.

⚠️Remember that to adjust the images to the size you need, free online tools allow you to resize them.

When you're done, click the Save button (6).

With the template created, all that's left is for you to indicate when you want it to be sent. Click on the View Rules button to the right of the configured template. A box will open with the rules already created.

Click on "Create rule". Choose when to send the automatic template and to which recipient (remember that you can use parameters), for example, if you want it to be sent to your travellers you will have to set the parameter #email_traveler#.

⚠️Depending on the contracted plan, you will choose which accommodations you want to send the email and which reservations depending on the portal.

And that's it! You already have your email template created. It will be sent automatically according to the detailed configuration.

If you want you can send yourself a test of the template you have created. The parameters that will be included will contain fictitious data so you can check the final result. Remember to save the template, otherwise, your changes will be lost. No attachments will be included in the test email.

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