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How do I create a pending reservation?
How do I create a pending reservation?

Create pre-booking, reserve pending payment

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You can create a new pending reservation that is automatically confirmed when the traveler pays the amount of the deposit defined or you confirm it yourself. To do this, go to the menu Planning > Calendar.

There are two ways to do this:

1.Click on the start date and drag the mouse to the end date.

2. Select the dates that you want to appear as unavailable due to this pre-booking. To do this, click on the day of the calendar you want to define as the entry date. You will see a window where you must also set the check-out date.

Once selected, you can choose whether you want to create a reservation, a pre-booking or a blocking. You will have to select the option Pre-booking (1) and assign it an expiration date (2). This will be the period during which no dates will be available waiting for you or your traveler to confirm it. Once this period has passed, if your reservation has not been changed to a confirmed one, the dates will become available again.

You must fill in the traveler's information and you can change the amount of the reservation if you wish by unchecking the option of prices defined according to AvaiBook (3).

Finally, since it is not a confirmed reservation, you will have to select the confirmation method, that is, whether the traveler will do it or you will do it yourself.

  • The traveler will confirm them their reservation with AvaiBook, the payment of the advance payment that you have configured in the pre-booking will be processed by AvaiBook in the credit card details inserted by your traveler. To do this, AvaiBook will send you an email with the link to make the payment by entering your card details, and thus confirm the reservation. The reservation will remain as pending payment until we have received that advance payment.

  • I will confirm the reservation myself, AvaiBook will not manage the collection of the advance payment (unless you want to do so later) and it will be you who confirms the reservation when you consider it appropriate.

Finally, click on the Create button and you will see the dates in orange on your calendar.

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