To access this section you will have to go to Accommodation--->Content Manager, this way you will see the list of your complete and partial accommodation with its units.

A partial accommodation can be configured in a general way and of each one of its typologies. If you have several units in the same type, the configuration will be the same for all of them.

For example, in the following accommodation I have 3 double rooms, as all the rooms are the same, in the content manager I will have to configure it only once and that information will be sent to the 3 double rooms.

To start setting it up you will have to click on the Edit button, or on the pencil icon if it is a category of a partial accommodation:

What information can I edit?

You can organize your content from the different tabs:

1- Description





6-Protocols COVID-19

Remember to save the information tab by tab

Please note that not all fields are synchronised with all the sites.

Below the editing field you will find a legend through icons where we indicate with which portal this information will be synchronized:

You can also edit each setting in different languages by selecting the country flag.


  • Commercial accommodation´s name: This title will not affect the name you have defined in AvaiBook. Some channels require a commercial name, so you should use this field to highlight the facilities and attractions of the establishment. (e.g. "Apartment overlooking the beach, ideal for families").

  • Accommodation summary: Shortly indicate the main advantages and characteristics of your establishment (e.g. "3 bedroom, 2 bathroom house, parking and free WiFi with mountain views, located near the National Park)

  • Accommodation description: The description of your ad should help guests get an idea of what it will be like to stay in your space.

  • Services and common areas: Specify to guests which areas of the space they have access to.

  • Other highlights: Tell guests about any details that might affect their stay.


  • Interaction with guests: Tell guests if you will be available to help them in case they need it during their stay.


You can add up to 50 photos up to 4.5 MB each. We recommend that the resolution is at least 1920 x 1080.

You can add images from:

  • A file from your computer by clicking on the + symbol

  • By dragging them from your computer file to the AvaiBook screen

  • Uploading them from your mobile

Once you have uploaded the images you can rearrange them by dragging the images to the position you want.

Also, if you need to, you can always see the original format of the image you have uploaded by passing the mouse over the photo and clicking on the magnifying glass.

If the photos appear "rotated", look in a web browser for "how to rotate images online" to save them in the correct position.


  • Type of accommodation: This information will serve as a guide to your travellers, you can choose between house or chalet, flat, flat, hotel or hostel and camping.

  • Type of surroundings: Provide information about the environment in which your property is located. Ski area or mountain, beach, rural or city

  • License number: Provide your tourist license. As you will know, there are several areas where it is compulsory to have a licence in order to advertise on holiday platforms. This data will be sent to the portals with which we connect the content and will be verified by them. Remember to use the official license (dashes, letters and no spaces).

  • Number of bedrooms/beds/bathrooms/surface area m2/minimum age

  • Characteristics or amenities: You can search directly for the name of the amenitie in the search field, filter by the portals to which each amenitie is sent or consult each of the categories to see all the content.

  • House rules: You will have to indicate if it is suitable for children, if parties or events are allowed, if you admit pets and if it is forbidden to smoke.


  • Local Overview: Tell guests what the local area is like and what makes it so special.

  • How to walk around the area: Tell guests if your accommodation is well connected by public transport (or not). You should also mention any parking options you have nearby.


It is essential that you properly describe all your cleaning and disinfection protocols to show yourself to be safe and reliable.

  • Checklist: Check off all those sentences that "apply" to the way you are working.

  • Cleaning protocol: This is an open text field, where you can describe in a synthesised and convincing way the protocols you apply in your business. A list is perhaps the most visual way to do this.

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