In AvaiBook you can configure much of the information in your ads from the Accommodations menu (1) in the Content Manager section (2).

Search the Accommodations filter for the property you want to edit and click on the search button (3) or click directly on the button to show you all the properties. When you have the list of properties in view, choose the accommodation you want to configure by clicking on the Edit button (4) that appears to the right. 

If it is a partial accommodation you can choose to configure the accommodation as       a whole or each of the units that contain it as shown in this image.

Once you have clicked on the edit button, you will come to the Edit page of the content where you will be able to configure the following aspects:

Commercial name and summary of your ad:

Trade name:

This name will appear as the title of your ads on the portals to which we send the content. It does not affect the name you have given to your accommodation in AvaiBook, it is only for external use for your travellers.

Summary of your ad:

In this field we invite you to briefly describe the main advantages and aspects that make your accommodation unique and some main features. This information is currently only used by the Airbnb platform.

Description and general characteristics of your ad

Description of the accommodation

Introduce a detailed description of your accommodation on each of the areas it has (living room, kitchen, bathroom, bedroom, etc.) Highlight the most differentiating aspects and even the public for which it is most suitable (couples, families, friends ...).

Type of accommodation

You can choose between house or chalet, apartment, flat, hotel or hostel and camping.

Type of environment

Provides information about the environment in which your property is located. Ski area or mountain, beach, rural or city.

Tourist license

Contribute your tourist license. As you will already know, there are several areas in which it is obligatory to have a licence in order to advertise on holiday platforms. This information will be sent to the portals with which we connect the content and will be verified by them. Remember to use the official format of the license (dashes, letters and without spaces).


You can add up to 50 images to the content manager up to 4.5 MB each. We recommend a resolution of at least 1920 x 1080.
You can add images from: 

  • A file from your computer by clicking on the + symbol 
  • Dragging them from your computer file to the AvaiBook screen 
  • Uploading  them from your mobile

Once you have uploaded the images you can reorder them by dragging the images to the position you want.
Also, if you want, you can always see the original format of the image you have uploaded by passing the mouse over the photo and clicking on the magnifying glass.


Choose from hundreds of features to display in your ad. This information will be transferred to the portals where we integrate the content.
You can search directly for the name of the amenitie in the search field (1), filter by the portals (2) to which each amenitie is sent or consult each of the categories (3) to see all the content.

To save the changes you make in the content manager go to the bottom of the page and click on the Save button.                                     

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