You can define different types of restrictions for your reservations such as minimum stay, force day of entry or exit and even force the weekend.
You can create these restrictions for both your default rate and your seasons.

To configure them, go to the My Accommodations menu and choose a property. In the Rates tab, section Default Rates (1) or Seasons (2) you can modify what you want.

You will be able to define the minimum stay that you require your travellers to make the reservation. 

       *If you define the minimum stay in any of your seasons will only affect the specific                                                        dates of the season.

You can also set a day of mandatory entry or exit. 

        *It can be useful in seasons if you do not want to be left a bank holidays  or if your business model requires entries and departures on specific days.

Finally, you can force the whole weekend. This way, if a traveler booked Friday night must necessarily book Saturday night and vice versa. 

When you have finished, press the Save button.

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