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How do I manage single days not reserved in the middle of two seasons?
How do I manage single days not reserved in the middle of two seasons?

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As your calendar fills in, it is possible that some dates have been become free and do not comply with the restrictions you request for that season. To allow your accommodation to remain bookable on those dates, you will need to create a season for those specific days. 

Remember that you can not overlap seasons so you will have to divide the main                                            season into two sections.

Here is a practical example for you to see how the process would be like:


You have created a Main_Season: from 01/08 to 31/08 with a minimum stay of 5 nights.
You have availabilties for the nights of 10, 11 and 12 August.

👉You must create a season from 10/08 to 12/08 with a minimum stay of 3
                                             nights or less.

You must follow those steps:

  • First you will have to modify the dates of the main_season. So that will be changed in a season from 01/08 to 09/08. This way it will end just before day 10, which is the first free day you have.

  • After this, create the second part of your Main_Season as a new season with dates from 13/08 to 31/08. This way it will start just when you don't have any more free days.

  • Now that you have split in two sections this main_season you can create the follow_season from 10/08 to 12/08 with the restrictions you want.

Remember to click the Save button when you have finished creating seasons

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