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How can I group housing units?
How can I group housing units?

Group accommodation units, typology, matching rooms, partial accommodation

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If you have created a partial accommodation and you have several identical units, it is not necessary to create them several times independently. You can group them in the same typology (e.g. double room) and create labels to identify them.

Define number of units of the same type

Go to the Accommodations menu (1) and click on the My accommodations option (2) and choose the correspondent  property.  Once you are in the accommodation file, click on the Units and Rates tab. Once there you will see to the left of each type of room the number of units of the same type (3).

Simply define the number of units of that type you have by typing in the indicated box. When you do, all units of this same type will have the same prices.
Remember to click  the Save button at the bottom of the page in the right corner to finish.

Create labels for your units 

You can identify your partial accommodation rental units using personal tags to make it easier for you to manage.
In the same section where you were already in the previous section you will see a button to edit the number of the same units with a pencil icon (3).

Click on the pencil to display the information for each unit.

You can give each of your units a custom name in the Label field.  Remember to hit the Save button.

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