📸 What is the content manager for?

It is a section from which an exclusive configuration is made to manage the content of your ad both in your booking engine and in the *portals you connect to. You can add your photos, descriptions and characteristics of your accommodation manually or by importing the information from the portals where you are advertising.

📸Do I have to upload the information if I have it in any portal?

If you have an listing with images, descriptions and characteristics in Booking, Vrbo or Airbnb, you can import that information simply with the public Url of your listing in AvaiBook. We will bring you the information and you will save time in the configuration of this section.

📸 Which portals will this information be reflected on?

Not all sections are synchronized with all portals. In each of the configurable fields, the logotypes of the portal to which this information is sent appear.

📸 Are translations automatic?

If you want the texts that you have configured in your main language to appear in other languages you will have to configure them in the other flags:

📸 Why won't you let me save the changes?

Remember that all the configurable fields must have a minimum and maximum number of characters. This will be indicated in the lower right-hand corner of each section. When you have an error in saving, we will show you a summary box at the top of the screen where we will indicate where you have the problem so that you can solve it.

📸 How big do the images have to be?

You can add up to 50 images to the content manager of up to 4.5 MB each. We recommend that the resolution is at least 1920 x 1080. You have to take into account that the better the photos are, the more quality your ad will have for the traveller. Your first 5 pictures should be the ones that best describe your accommodation.

If the photos appear to be "rotated", search a web search engine for "how to rotate images online" to find out.

📸 How do I set up the house rules and characteristics?

You have a section called characteristics where you can indicate the services that your establishment has. You will have a search function where you can select which ones are sent to each portal from--->I want to see...

If you have partial accommodation, in the main unit you will have to set up the main rules, whether it is child-friendly, whether parties or events are allowed, whether pets are allowed, or whether smoking is allowed. Once you have entered the accommodation level you will be able to configure the rest of the features at an individual level as well as whether or not smoking is allowed in those particular units.

📸 Can I explain what protocols I have for the COVID-19?

You have a section in which you can indicate the protocols you are adopting for the covid-19. You can do this through a predefined checklist as well as an open field for you to write a text. This section will be sent to the booking engine of your website and to Booking full syn

If you want this information to appear in VRBO you will have to configure it through amenities in the section features-->COVID-19. In the case of Airbnb you will have to configure it directly from the portal.

📸Is the license number required?

There are several areas where a licence is compulsory in order to advertise on holiday platforms. This data will be sent to the portals we connect the content to and will be verified by them. Remember to use the official format of the license (dashes, letters and no spaces).

📸 If I have two identical rooms do I have to upload the information in each of them?

If you have a partially configured accommodation in which for example you have two equal units, you will only have to configure it once as you will be considered as equal.

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