The discount coupons are a great option to reinforce and reactivate times of less reservations or low season. This way we can keep the user active with promotions and discounts.


You will be able to access from the menu Publish-->coupons , you will have to click on the button create coupon:

1- You will have to assign the name of the coupon.

2- Write a brief description for additional information.

3- If you want it to be applied in euros or in percentage

4- Amount of discount.

5- Define the limit of times it can be used. It will be unlimited if you don't define a specific number.

6- Configure the accomodation where you want to apply it.

7- Choose if your coupon applies to the dates of the reservation (range in which the reservation must be made) or to the dates of stay (range in which the stay must be enjoyed).

8- Application period. If you do not indicate dates, it will be applied from the moment you save the coupon and it will not have an end date. If you indicate only the start date, it will begin on the day indicated and will not have an end date.

9- Check if you want to have it activated or deactivated

10- If you activate this option, the coupon can be used in addition to other offers you have defined for your accommodations.

In the following video we show you how a traveler can add a discount coupon in the booking process:

Our Standard plan will have available the creation of a discount coupon and the Pro plan will be able to create coupons indefinitely in addition to being able to search for them through a search filter. If you do not have this plan yet and want to use this functionality, please contact us and we will let you try it for a few days without obligation.

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