You can copy your seasons from one hosting to another, replicate them for the following year and, of course, delete them.

To do this, go to the menu Accommodations > My Accommodations and choose a property. In the Rates tab you can do any of these actions.

If you want to copy your seasons

You can do it from one accommodation to another year or property. Click the Advanced Actions button.

You will see a box where you can select the type of action you want to perform with your seasons.

  • If you want to copy seasons from one year to the next:

  • If you want to copy seasons from one accomodation  to another:

When you're done, click the Duplicate button.

If you want to delete one or more seasons

Go to the Seasons section, within the Accommodation Rates.

Choose the season you want to delete and click the Delete button in the trash bin Icon.

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