You can define the minimum and maximum release period with which you want to receive reservations to have everything under control 👍. 

To configure them go to the My Accommodations menu and choose a property. In the Booking Options tab, you can configure both options. 

The first option selected by default is On Request. With this mode you will be able to review and control all the reservations that enter and only those that you say will be accepted.

*Remember that the time limit for accepting or rejecting a reservation received is 24h,                   so you will have to review them periodically.

Next to On request we will find another option: Immediate Acceptance. Choose this mode if you want your bookings to be automatically confirmed. It is the most automatic mode, as it will allow you to receive reservations by obtaining the amount of the advance payment (which you fix for each accommodation) directly. 

*It is absolutely essential to get the most out of this so that you have the calendar                                                            100% updated.

The maximum advance booking or Release period can be from 6 months to 24 months.

We recommend that you have the availability open for at least 12 months as most travelers book some time in advance (you have to be foresighted to also set your rates and seasons in the period you have the calendar open).

You can define your minimum advance from 6 hours to 36. Remember that if your reservations are on request, this field will not appear because your minimum notice is 24 hours by default. 

The minimum advance notice in the case of Booking and Expedia will have to be configured directly on the portal.

When you have finished, click on the Save button at the bottom of the page

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